Monday, October 17, 2011

Mike and Kerry's Wedding Recap: The Reception

Catch up on Mike and Kerry's wedding here:

The reception tent was set on the North Lawn on the farm, out the back doors of the Barn. As guests exited the Barn, they walked passed a table filled with buckets of different sized flip-flops to dance in!

Each bucket had a beautiful framed sign (again from Two Cardinal Day on Etsy) indicating what size the flip flops were!
Mike and Kerry had their own sweetheart table with "Mr." and "Mrs." signs, and it also held Kerry's throw bouquet for the bouquet toss.

Table centerpieces consisted of 4 mason jars: two with floating candles and two held these gorgeous floral arrangements.

The parents, Bridal Party, and finally Mike and Kerry were all introduced to the party which was a blast! Each pair had some really unique dance entrances. Our entrances were kicked off by Kate and Nick running through a huge red banner they made that said "Congrats Mike + Kerry"
 Then it was time for their first dance which was to All of My Days by Alexi Murdoch.
After the first dance, we danced a bit and then it was time for Alyssa and Billy's beautiful speeches and our amaaazing home-style dinner! The chef for the evening had his own separate tent attached to our tent, which was used for on-site grilling and preparation. Guests were treated to macaroni and cheese, grilled salmon, pulled pork, cornbread, beef brisket, butternut squash ravioli, grilled vegetables, chicken Milanese, beet salad, pasta salad with basil and sun-dried tomatoes, and other side dishes for dinner! This was some of the BEST food I had ever had. I WISH I had a photo of the food, but I clearly was way too enthralled in my meal to think to take a picture of it all! (Bad Blogger!)

Once I was done stuffing my face, it was absolutely time to DANCE! I don't think we all stopped dancing once throughout the night. It was very humid out, but that didn't stop anyone. This crowd was there to have an amazing time, and we were going to dance the night away, no matter how hot or humid it got!

Kerry added this beautiful studded sash
to her wedding look for the reception!
 Chris had magic feet in his shoes! He was dancing up a storm!

Have you ever heard of Hawaii 5-0? This was intense and so hilarious! A bunch of guys made a long line on the dance floor. Then some bold guests literally body surfed over them, while they pushed them down to the end...

 Finally the groom jumps in for some Hawaii 5-0!
For the parent dances: Kerry danced to Stand By Me by Ben E. King and Mike danced to In My Life by the Beatles.

Mike and his Mom
The end of the night brought the cake cutting! Mike and Kerry opted for 18 individual cakes - with 4 different flavors spread throughout them! After they cut their cake, each table got their own cake, and they encouraged us to go from table to table to try other flavors on other tables! It was such a neat idea and it looked even more stunning than I ever imagined!

How neat is this cake spread?!

After MUCH more dancing, Kerry did the bouquet toss for the single ladies: which her bridesmaid Amanda caught! The DJ ended the night with Time of Your life, from Dirty Dancing, which mixed into the remixed version of Time of Your Life by The Black Eyed Peas. It was an awesome end to an awesome night...though I'm pretty sure we convinced the DJ to play a few more songs before the night was through.

Overnight guests were shuttled back to the hotel, (but Chris and I stayed back much later to help them collect their things and actually ended up riding back with them and some others in their LIMO, wahoo!) Once back at the hotel, the party continued downstairs where leftover beer was brought back from the wedding!

Congrats to the newly married Mike and Kerry and thank you so much for letting Chris and I be a part of your special day, it meant so much to us and we love you both!!


Mom said...

Wow! The cakes looked so amazing. I never heard of that being done before. I love original ideas like that. And Hawaii 5-0-I have my line up of guys for when I do my Hawaii 5-0 body surfing:Dad first,then George Clooney (he's on my mind since Friday's video), Matt Damon, Ben Afflick, Brad Pit, and of course Justin Beiber (NOT). And Chris's magic just make me smile. Beautiful wedding reception!

Shardi said...

Cute! This looks like such a fun wedding. I've never heard of the Hawaii 5-0 before but it looks like fun. And those cakes are AWESOME!

I'm having another giveaway for an organizing tote. You might like it!


Heather said...

What a blast! I love her beaded sash, the cake spread and the flip-flops!

HiLLjO said...


That looks so fun! I wish more of our friends would get married! said...

hahaha talk about a paaarty...hmmm I wonder if I will be doing this hawaii 5-0 much fun and crazy!

Ohhh and her cute...

Dancy said...

Those flip flops in the buckets are SO cute & I really like the cake display too - it's so original.

Karen said...

What a fun wedding! Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

those cakes looks amazing! i love how they incorporated the tropical colors in so many of the little details (i <3 flip flop baskets) too fun!