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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday's Wedding Poll

As you know, Chris and I are getting married in the Spring. This season worked out best for us based on the time we got engaged, which was the summer of 2009. We knew we wanted a longer engagement but really, not longer than two years. That meant either a Fall 2010 wedding which was a little too soon, or a Spring 2011 wedding. Sometimes, throughout my planning, I wondered if we should have gone with Fall. Like when I discovered my love for anemones and kale, but found out they were seasonal in the Fall. Or, as we were attending some of the amazing Fall weddings we went to this year. I feel like with the typical Fall icons (apples, pumpkins, apple cider, leaves, burnt orange) you can really get creative playing up the season.

But in the end, we chose Spring, and I can't be anything but happy with this time of year. I'm excited for gorgeous bright flowers, birds chirping outside, beautiful green grass, and our guests totally ready and refreshed for a party after hibernating all winter. You really can't go wrong with any time of year, each season offers its  own pros and cons. I read this on another blog yesterday: "What should I do if it rains? Smile...and hope there's a rainbow!"

What season did/will you get married in? What made you choose this time of year?
Or, What season do you want to get married in if you're not engaged (that one's for you Kate!)

"...All you have to do is call" -James Taylor

Results posted Friday!


Mom said...

I was a June bride.That's what I wanted to be because that was the most popular month to be married in back in the day. That meant we either got married June 1980 whcih left me with one more year of college or June 1981 which was 5 weeks after graduating! But waiting until '82 was just way too long so '81 made the most sense to both of us

Nicole-Lynn said...

Spring bride here! Looking forward to being on the beach in beautiful weather here in Florida! :)

steph c said...

We're getting married in June, just a few days before summer "officially" starts.. so I voted spring, although it could go either way.

I went through a phase a month or so ago where I really wished we were planning for a fall wedding, because fall in DC is usually pretty moderate and I just love everything to do with foliage, apples, cider, etcetc. But then I realized.. I'm such a spring and summer person; it's when I'm happiest and most active. Spring/summer it is!

Kerry said...

My fiancé and I chose this fall for a number of reasons:
1. It is my ABSOLUTE favorite season. The clothes, the weather, the food... things just seem to be better with a chill in the air.
2. Our reception will be on a farm. Harvest time!
3. We chose the weekend of our dating anniversary to keep it sentimental.

In a nutshell, it was an extremely easy decision.

Saying I do said...

@Mom- Thanks for sharing as always :)

@Nicole-Lynn- Ok I'm jealous!!

@Steph- I think I'm most happiest in Spring, too! I'm so refreshed after winter (and will be ESPECIALLY after THIS winter....it's a crazy snow storm AGAIN out there for me right now!)

@Kerry- Your Fall wedding is going to be amazeballs, Barn + harvest time + all your awesome ideas = perfect!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I got married in June on a blue-skied, 75-degree day in Southern California. It was perfect!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

We chose "late winter/early spring" (February 19, but that's early spring in Texas) because it was cheap. We wanted an outdoor wedding and summer is TOO HOT and we didn't want to wait until autumn to get married. Spring is the most expensive time of the year in Texas for weddings, so we went as late as we could in February in order to get the off-season discount :) That's how we picked out season and date!

winkingannie said...

We're getting married in August '11 after getting engaged in May '10. I sort of wish we'd gone for a shorter engagement. I want to be married already!

Rebekah said...

We got married in July 2009. I never really thought of the month or day we would get married, but my husband wanted July. No specific reason, but it all worked out!

Tiffany said...

Were getting married this August and there is no significance to the date whatsoever. But we knew we wanted to have it in the summer and it would've been in September but we have too many family birthdays that month and I didn't want our anniversary always competing with birthday dinners and celebrations.

SG to SP said...

I got married in May like I always imagined. It's my favorite month and it also just worked out better with when we got engaged which was Feb. of the year prior and it being slower for me at work in the spring rather than the fall (which is what my fiance wanted). We actually combined our birthdates mine May 12 and his Oct. 22 and got married May 22 :)

jennybusybee said...

We are getting married in fall. I always knew I wanted a fall wedding, and this worked out to give us a long enough engagement (engaged in March 2010, married October 2011) and also worked with Mr. C's med school schedule. So it really wasn't tough for us to choose!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I'll be a June bride! I've always wanted a summer wedding. The area we are getting married in really works best during the summer too... So it all worked out!

kate v said...

As I appreciate the appropriately worded poll, I took it :)

I picked summer b/c my bday is in the Winter and it blows. It would be nice to have something fun to celebrate in the summer.

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