Friday, January 7, 2011

More/Fitness Half Marathon

First, the results from Wednesday's Wedding Poll:

Do you sleep with your engagement/wedding ring on?
Yes: 15
No: 16
Sometimes: 1

32 of you responded to my poll and interestingly enough, it came out pretty much exactly 50/50!! (up until 9:50 last night it was 50/50.) Plus one person who said "sometimes": Sorry, you're the odd man out. Thanks so much for answering my first poll and be sure to answer next week's question!

I trained for two half marathons last year, and it was awesome. I felt focused, fitter than ever, and learned a lot about running and my personal fitness capabilities. That being said, I have decided not to sign up this year for the More/Fitness Half Marathon which will take place on Sunday, April 3rd. I hope to run it again next year, and I plan on doing the Diva Half Marathon again this October. I made this decision because I really want to keep up with the weight training I've been doing for the wedding. I still run and I still plan to run a lot this Spring, as soon as it gets warm again. I just don't want to be tied down to a schedule, or feel guilty if I miss a few training runs: I have enough on my plate right now.

However, I strongly encourage others to sign up for it! If you've been considering trying a half-marathon, this is the one for you. This is a fabulous, encouraging, inspirational, empowering experience,  and I would recommend the More/Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park to anyone, especially brides out there looking to get really fit before their wedding!

Registration opens this Monday, January 10th!! This race fills up fast, so act quickly! If you're on the fence about it, you can do it! Believe me, I never in a million years thought that I would one day run a half-marathon! 

If anyone is interested in the 12 week training schedule that I've used to prepare myself for all my races, I used the training schedules found on Hal Higdon's website. He has different schedules for beginner, intermediate and advanced and they are very reasonable.

FYI: 12 weeks to the race starts this Sunday! So get running!!


Mom said...

Boy your enthusiasm is inspiring and I HATE running but even I had to check out Hal Higdon's website.The walking schdule seems doable and actually I think I can start off at a higher intensity than he suggests.Well,thanks to you I'm going on the eliptical now!

Kate V said...

I did the Diva's Half too and I was very new to running. I had never ran a race in my entire life and only jogged for fun before that. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. Laura pretty much forced me to sign up and made me a 10-week schedule (I didnt have 12 weeks) but it was completely do-able. It was a great experience to push your body and you will see results. DO IT!

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

I didn't know that anyone DIDN'T sleep with their wedding ring on...that's really interesting. Good for you for training so hard!

Whitney =)

PsyDet said...

I definitely sleep with my engagement ring on. I only take it off to clean it :)