Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emici Bridal Hair Clip

I have had TWO nightmares about my wedding in the past two nights. The second dream I had was two nights ago. It wasn't too bad, but I dreamed that our weddings rings had already been picked out by other people and I was very upset because I had hoped to pick out my own wedding ring. I know..."diva" right?

The first one was over the weekend and it was a bona-fide nightmare. In it, everything that could possibly go wrong with the wedding, did. I had failed to pick out a white dress and opted for a pink and purple swirl prom dress instead, only to regret my decision right before the ceremony saying "All the other girls wear white." My hair and makeup lady wouldn't start working on me until 2:45, and my wedding started at 3. The band didn't have enough space in our venue (which was the basement of my parent's house) to put down a dance floor and the drummer was outright rude to me about it. I forgot to wear my veil, and my bridesmaids didn't want to be with me until the actual ceremony started. It was pretty awful and needless to say, I was a bit distraught once I woke up that morning. It was one of those nightmares where I had to remind myself that none of it had actually happened. Aren't those the worse?

So imagine my surprise and happiness when I went online Sunday morning and discovered that I won my first blog giveaway!! It was just what I needed to turn my mood around! I won a gorgeous hair clip to wear on my wedding day over at A Recessionista Ties the Knot!
Source: NYC Recessionista
Isn't this pretty? She originally won it from another blog, and it's handmade from the Emici Bridal Etsy shop. Here it is in action with a feather:
 Thanks to the NYC Recessionista for hosting this give-away! I can't wait to incorporate this into my wedding hairstyle!

Workout Updates: Obviously, I didn't really stick to my weight-watcher points over the NYE Weekend. Did anyone? Please let me know if you kept at it throughout the holidays because I'll want to know your secrets! I was fairly good leading up to the day though and luckily, I managed to get through the Holiday Season without gaining any weight (and yet..my clothes dooo feel tighter).  It was really nice out on Saturday so I actually got in a 4.5 mile run followed by a 30 minute walk that day, and it felt great!! I NEVER run outside in the cold, so this was a great triumph for me. Yesterday I ran 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym. This morning I did an hour of Total Body Conditioning with my trainer, and it was killer! So I'm keeping on track with the work-outs and getting back into the swing of keeping track of my points! Wedding Dress fitting is Feb. 12th!!!


Molly said...

Oh my gosh, what an awful nightmare!!! Seriously, I was getting stressed for you just reading it. But also I was laughing kind of, especially at the part with the rude drummer. And because I know the actual day will be nothing like that, because, for one, I can assure you that me and I'm sure all of your other bridesmaids want to be with you ALL DAY. SORRY. ;) Here's to no more of those wedding nightmares....

Bicoastal Bride said...

I had tons of similar nightmares leading up to the wedding, and you know what? Sometimes I still have them now! That hair clip is just gorgeous! Congrats on the win!

Saying I do said...

Thanks Molly..I know you and all my bridesmaids will be wonderful and present on the day of my wedding!

Heather- My friend still has wedding nightmares and she's been married for 3 years!!

Mom said...

Love the hair clip. It's really pretty. Having your reception in our basement would be a nightmare but that's actually kind of funny! Nightmares over this kind of stuff are normal and you've been under addtional stress besides. Don't worry about it! Your day will be perfect!

Elisse said...

I can't wait to see the hair clip on ya! I wore one during the reception (wore a cathedral veil at the ceremony), and for whatever reason, it totally changed the look of my wedding dress!

Mich said...

Aren't wedding nightmares the worst?! Congrats on your win!