Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Poll

After a few weeks hiatus, the Wednesday Wedding Poll is back!! And it is in keeping with the theme of the week: "Music".

Around this time last year, Chris and I were on the hunt for our wedding band. We saw about 7 different bands over the course of 3 weeks, going to showcase after showcase. It certainly was a lot of time and effort to go see all these bands perform, but how often do you get to be entertained for an hour by a live band on a weeknight? I would go to showcases again and again if it wouldn't be weird. We had a very difficult time trying to decide between bands and it came to a somewhat dramatic conclusion. Long story short: There was one band we really liked with ok singers, and another ok band with amazing singers. We wished that we could somehow blend the two. Then, we found out that the really good singer often does perform with the really good band!! This was the answer we had been looking for. The good band told us that if we booked them, they'd make sure to get the really good singer for our date. 

However, when it actually came time to sign the contract, the really good singer couldn't commit because she was contracted with another band. After a ton of back and forth emails, phone calls, promises made, and promises broken; we were finally tired of being jerked around and not getting any straightforward answers. In the end we ended up going with a different band entirely called Arcadia, which in my opinion has both really great musicians AND really great singers. You can listen to some sound clips on their website here.
Sometimes I worry that the songs we choose won't sound like the way we know them because we are going with a band. But, I feel very confident in our decision and know that Arcadia will keep our party rocking all night long! What about you?


Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

The first time that I went to a wedding with a band was last year. It was AMAZING!! Unfortunately, we just don't have the funds for a band. It would have been really nice, though.

Bicoastal Bride said...

We went with a DJ to offer the variety and affordable price we wanted, but bands are awesome! I'm sure yours will be fantastic!

steph c said...

So happy you were finally able to find a band that you like and that will work!

We're getting a DJ, and we love him! He has a great personality and has worked at our venue before. Win win :)

Irene said...

Oh my this is just too fun not to comment about. Since we didn't have Djs or i-pods back in the day of the dinosaurs we went with a band.Mind you dad's aunt called us "hippies" for having a guitarist at the wedding ceremony. Lol! Your band will be awesome!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I think you made a great choice! I love live music and a band at a wedding adds such a special feeling! Hard to explain but I actually prefer bands at weddings :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Yay for a great band with great singers! :) We are going with a DJ. It just so happens that our photographer is married to a DJ, so we got a discount on combining the two! :)