Friday, March 11, 2011

Very Bad Things

The results of Wednesday's Wedding Poll:

Are/Did you giving/give favors at your wedding?
Yes, we will/did give favors: 62%
No, we aren't/didn't give favors: 23%
: 15%
As usual, thanks for participating! We still haven't decided what we're doing, but it was very interesting to see what others have done!

Now on to some mindless Friday fun: Chris' brother has been teasing me for awhile now that I remind him of Cameron Diaz in the movie Very Bad Things. I had never seen the movie so I didn't really know what he meant, so Chris and I watched it a few weeks. Well, I thought the movie was pretty horrible, I wouldn't recommend it, but Cameron Diaz did have some funny, and typical, scenes in it:
"We've got major seating problems"
Cue: Cameron Diaz in Very Bad Things:

Or this one? "Did you bring the tent check?"

Haha, I hope those videos worked for you, they're from a bit of a different site. Of course, I yelled at his brother after watching the movie because I'm not anything like her!! He agreed (sort of) but then pointed out the one scene that he could really see me doing the same exact thing:
That's her with tons of little toy tables and chairs with names on them figuring out her seating chart!! Hahahaha Ok, I'll give him this one...I actually think this is such a cute idea and if it wouldn't be so "non" cost effective to go buy 200+ little toy chairs with tables I would so do this! Which leads me to will I figure out seating? The good old paper plate with post-its?

How did/will you figure out your seating chart?


Jenny said...

I'm with you, if it was cost effective, I would totally do the little tables and chairs.

As far as the seating chart goes, my reception coordinator is going to send me a template with the exact floor plan of the grand ballroom. If I wasn't so fortunate, I would likely be setting my seating chart up on the computer through a website like The Knot. I like the ability to pick things up and drag them with my mouse and once done, I could easily print a copy for my binder and e-mail a copy to the caterer.

Irene said...

Ok, I'm with Michael on this one. But only to the extent that it's a characterization of you.I only got to see the "padded chair" clip, second one didnt' work. But you do like things perfect and you do have discriminating taste. Not bad things just when blown out of of proportion it can make for a funny movie. Bad or not, I want to see this movie now cuzz I'll think of a good and funny way. So if you want to yell at me for this post you can find me at the bar with Michael. I'll be on the "padded chair." Lol!

HiLLjO said...

I'm having several tables reserved for family and work friends to sit together wherever at those tables but otherwise I have open seating. I don't think people would sit where I put them anyhow!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy Friday, Laura! I used a Word document to handle my seating chart, since I was grouping guests by tables, but not assigning specific seats at the tables. I suggest placing people and then rearranging as you get RSVP cards, so that you can work as you go and don't feel overwhelmed all at once.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

HAHA! That's too funny! And a little anal of course. :) We're not doing a seating chart. There will be a couple of tables reserved for close family at the front and the rest is free for all. It's a small room, and we're doing a buffet, so it's kind of a sit if you want, go outside if you want... Kind of thing.

Danielle said...

I'm going to have some reserved tables for certain people, but other than that.. I'll be having open seating. My family and my FH's family probably wouldn't sit where they were assigned anyways and there is some bad blood between certain members of his family and to go through that and figure it all out is too big of a headache!

Jaryce said...

Ha! I'm surprised I didn't come up with this when it came to updating our seating arrangements. lol. This is hilarious!! We decided on donation favors and it will be posted tomorrow. You should come by and check it out! ;)

Lexi said...

We are going to assign people/families to tables, but not to specific chairs.

I got a big poster board and a compass and I'm going to draw circles and then put post-it flags on each table with name... 1 flag per fam + a number of attendees... that way the family can be moved around if necessary.

I have all the stuff... haven't made it yet, but I'll post pics when I do!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

hahaha this is great!!!! i used little squares for my seating arrangements but for one of my brides weddings we have to designate seats right down to the chair!