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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Chris and I celebrated our last Valentine's Day as an engaged couple on Sunday night. (I know..milestone year right?) I worked late on the actual night of Valentine's Day so we celebrated a day early. We went out to a place near us called Crabtree Restaurant. This place has been around for awhile, but we had never been there. We've been trying to expand our restaurant horizons lately by not going to the same places all the time, and this place came highly recommended on yelp.com.

The place was really great and adorably decorated for Valentine's Day. Chris got a steak and I got a crab cake appetizer and goat cheese salad, all of which were really fantastic. Then I got a decaf coffee and Chris got a Cappuccino (this is his new favorite thing thanks for our jeweler, who always insists we have a cappucinos when we go). And, we split a tartufo for dessert! It was a really nice, relaxing, romantic night out and it was exactly what we were hoping for for this Valentine's Day.

When we came back home, I got to open my present that I had been waiting and waiting and hoping for! What was it you ask? Not jewelry...not a purse...not flowers, or a new dress. Yes, it is true...I asked for this:
That is the 2011 version of a polaroid camera. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, it looks more like a toddler's toy camera, but this takes instant business-card-sized pictures, and is so cool! Truthfully, my piano students showed this to me around Christmas and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I love pictures, and I especially love the vintage look of a Polaroid.

 The only drawaback with this is the cost of the pictures, which is $10 for a pack of ten...so at $1.00 a picture, I will have to use these sparingly. I was hoping we could use this somehow for the wedding...either have our guests takes pictures for our guest book, or set up a little booth...but with the cost of each picture, it's probably the least practical thing I could do. Anyway, I'm so happy with it, and plan on getting some really creative polaroids for my scrapbooks...Thanks Hunnie!

After dinner we watched last Friday's The Soup (one of our all time favorite shows), and before we knew it, it was bedtime!

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?


Irene said...

OMG!!A vintage looking Polaroid camera! How retro is that? Yea for instant gratification and romance. Me gusta!

steph c said...

So jealous of your Polaroid! I'm such a nut for them, but yea.. the film is just so pricey :(

Glad you had an awesome Valentine's!

Teenage Bride said...

oooh that place looks so nice!!

My husband and I got to spend the entire day together and it was sooo lovely.

You two are such a cute couple!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

love the camera!

Manda Mack said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to respond to your question on my blog in a place I knew you would see it, so what better place then your blog?

Som of the paper-crafting tools ARE expensive, so it really depends how much you're going to use them. A cricut is a continuous investment because not only is there a huge cost upfront, but you also have to buy cartridges, mats, replacement blades...none of which are cheap. You could get away with not buying a cricut and just buy pre-made diecuts from a craft shop. But, if you are going to use it a lot (for gifts, cards, scrapbooking, wedding stuff) then I definitely think it's worth it! None of that stuff is cheap, so if you use it regularly it will pay for itself in the end.

As for my other crafting tools, I would 100% recommend the Crafter's Companion, especially if you have any interest in making your own cards, envelopes, or boxes. It's so fun, and so portable. The link in my post is to amazon, which is where I buy most of my stuff (I'm an amazon.com junkie).

And I think any crafting tool/supply can be worth it, you just have to ask yourself if you'll use it. If you know you'll use them, they will pay for themselves, if you aren't sure, you might be wasting your money.

Rebekah said...

That is such a fun time! We try to go to new restaurants that we've never been before. It makes it more fun! That camera is so cool!

Bicoastal Bride said...

A Polaroid -- how fun! I remember my family had an old one when I was really young. I didn't know they still made them!

Kristin said...

So glad you had a great V-day. I just got your message and our wedding date is November 5, 2011! :)

Michelle said...

Ack! I must have that camera! Love it! (Ps--thanks for including me, my wedding date is 7/2/11)

Jill said...

What a cute way to celebrate the holiday!

I'd love to be included in your post about blogging brides... my wedding day is August 13, 2011.

PsyDet said...

How fun! My wedding date is 10/1/11 :) Email me @ psydet2155@gmail.com if you need anything else.

Kerry said...

Love a Polaroid! Betsi took some at our engagement shoot - amazingly fun and unique. Mike and I definitely want to incorporate polaroids into the wedding, but I do agree that using it for a photo booth would be a little out of control. We thought of the idea of taking polaroids of the two of us with family and friends before the wedding and placing them out on tables during cocktail hour! It gives our guests something to look at, while adding a vintage feel to the venue.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Happy Belated Valentines Day!! Sounds like yours was lovely!!! How fun is that camera! Maybe the cost of the film will go down over time... You can only hope right?!

allsmileskendra said...

I got the same thing for valentine's day!!!!!! So excited!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very neat! Love polaroid cameras! Sounds like you had a nice v-day! My fiance and I spent all of our meals together and spent time together in the evening. It was nice!

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