Tuesday, February 1, 2011


FINALLLLY after spending literally hours on the computer his weekend, the bulk of our honeymoon to Italy is planned. We did book our flights back at the end of December, but I was really dragging my feet on booking our hotels. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely excited for our honeymoon, but planning it has definitely been my least favorite part of wedding planning so far!! I really don't like admitting that, but this is one area where I was literally clueless, and couldn't get motivated to finish. The hotel possibilities in each city we want to go are endless and how the heck should I know what areas are good or not? Luckily, Chris took the reigns on this one and really forced us to sit down, and tackle it. Together, with the help of his mother who has planned two trips to Italy before, we booked the last of our 4 hotels Sunday night at 10:00pm! I am so happy that part of the planning process is OVER and very thankful for the help we received from Chris's mom. (Also thanks go out to my boss, Ashley and Mandy!)

We are leaving the day after our wedding and heading to Rome, Italy
 From there, we will go to Florence for 6 days:

After that, we'll spend two nights in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre is mostly hiking between the five towns. It's beautiful and peaceful and will be the point in our trip where we can relax a little bit and take a breather. I'm really excited for this part of our trip, because I think it will be the most different from the rest.

We'll end with three days in Venice, and will fly out of Venice on Monday June 6th.

We still have a lot more to take care of (day trips, and transportation between each city) but now that the general outline is complete, it feels so much easier to make the rest of the plans! So, I am taking Honeymoon off the checklist!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?


Manda Mack said...

Sooooo jealous!!!! Your honeymoon is going to be amazing!

steph c said...

It sounds great so far! I'm having some anxiety over possibly planning ours.. while we want to stay in the US (San Fran/Napa).. how the heck am I supposed to know where to stay, what to do, etc?! Ehh. We'll see.

Irene said...

With snow, ice, and freezing rain in the forcast Italy sounds even better than usual! You will have such an amazing time.

Heather said...

What an amazing honeymoon! I'm quite jealous as I studied abroad in Italy in college and would go back in a heartbeat. You will have such a fabulous time!!

Tiffany said...

It's always great to check something else off that mega to-do list and it sounds like you guys are going have a beautiful time relaxing and exploring.

Bicoastal Bride said...

You will have so much fun! Cinque Terre is one of my all-time favorite places!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

I love Italy :) Great choice!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh my goodness!!! You're honeymoon sounds AMAZING!!! I've always wanted to go to Italy! Congrats on another checkmark done!

Dining Detour said...

you will have an amazing time. Italy is a wonderful choice, we LOVED every second of it.

Chelsea Gets Married said...

Sounds like an amazing honeymoon! We're planning on taking our honeymoon {12-day Mediterranean cruise} next year when my fiance is done with grad school.

Florence is amazing! So many great museums, street markets, restaurants, and shops. The architecture is beautiful. If you want to see David, get there early!

Venice is something that you have to see at least once in your life. I enjoyed just wandering around. People watching in Piazza San Marco was fun. Watch out for the pigeons, though! I got pooped on, but then again I heard that's good luck. :)

Cinque Terre looks gorgeous!

It's A Love Story said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! yours is so cute love it!