Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Weddings

Happy Friday and Happy Wedding weekend to Laura @ Wine and Cheese Please! Laura seems to be officially kicking off the 2011 wedding season! With the weather as amazing as it is here in New York I definitely feel like Spring is officially here, which is just so exciting! Congratulations Laura and I can't wait to hear all about it!

There is such a great community of blogging brides who all follow each other, and I wanted/needed to have some organization to my blogroll in order to remember everyone's dates. Once I put it all together, it was too great not to share! These are just the blogs that I am currently following who have weddings coming up this year. I know there are hundreds more out there! If you aren't already following these ladies, please do...and if you're having a wedding this year and aren't listed below, please let me know! I'll re-post with an updated list next month. 

          2/19: Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please

          3/5: City Girl Bride

           4/17: Justine @ A Knot Editor Gets Married
           4/??:  Sara @ Butterfly Cottage
           4/23: Kayleigh @ The Knottie Bride
           4/30: Nicole-Lynn @ Seaside Smitten
           4/30: Melissa @ The Best is Yet to Come (My scarf swap pal!)
           4/30: Channing @ Better Together

          5/1: Beth @ The Goodlaff Bride
          5/6: Mrs. Vid To Be
          5/21: Laura @ Saying "I do"
          5/21: Anne @ The Fit Bridesmaid
          5/21: Heather @ He Asked, I said Yes
          5/27: Lauren @ Eat Drink and Be Married 
          5/28: Jessica @ A Little bit of Everything
          5/29: 5K Becomes a Bride

          6/11: Miss Puppy Love
          6/11: It's a Love Story
          6/11: Natasha @ A Day in the Life 
          6/16: Steph @ You're the Cheese to My Macaroni
          6/18: Kassi @ Truly Lovely
          6/19: Vicki @ Crowning Victoria 
          6/22: Jessica @ Happily Ever After
          6/24: Kamie @ True Love Story's Never Have Endings
          6/25: Chelsea @ Chelsea Gets Married

          7/2: Lexi @ $15K and 1,000 Miles Away

          8/6: Annie @ WinkingAnnie
          8/6: Lisa @ It's the Same but Different
          8/13: Jill @ Strawberry Blonde Bride
          8/20: Tiffany @ To Be Wed 
          8/27: Donnica @ Fighting Bridezillas

          9/??: Sarah @ A Wedding with a View
          9/10: Manda @ Wouldn't Change it for the World..
         9/17: Jenn @ A Sweet September Wedding 
          9/23: Heather @ Hangry Pants 

          10/1: Confessions of a Grad School Bride
          10/8: Mallory @ That's what she said is getting hitched!
          10/22: Jenny @ Jenny Busy Bee

         11/5:  Kristin @ Busy Bee
            11/12: Danielle @ Sealed with a Kiss

          12/3: Stephanie @ The Vintage Modern Bride

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Irene said...

Your organizational skills continue to amaze me and I take absolutely no credit for them!

Manda Mack said...

Yay for all the 2011 Brides!

And I totally agree...I feel excited when a blogging bride I follow is getting close to the big day or hits a huge milestone in wedding planning!

Jessica said...

Ahh this is great! Thanks for doing this :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great list of bloggers! It's so much fun to see when everyone's day is coming up. I'm keeping a list of our Weddzilla bloggers' dates, too!

Bicoastal Bride said...

P.S. We always want to bring fun new bloggers on board, so some of these ladies should apply to blog for Weddzilla, too!

Danielle said...

You're so awesome! I'm definitely going to check out some of these blogs! I love following brides to be, it makes me so excited for them and for my big day getting closer and closer.

DCSquared said...

WOW!! What a list!!! Girl you have done a great job! Can't wait to check out all of these bloggers!!!

Tiffany said...

Thx for posting this. I was in need of some more real bride blogs to follow.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

holy roundup!! going to all their blogs now :)

Heather said...

Awesome list! Thanks for posting!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Great list!!! Already found two new brides to follow!!! :) Thanks so much!

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

i love that you posted a page for when everyone is getting married! what a great idea!

Anne @thefitbridesmaid said...

Girl, I need to bookmark this page and refer to it when I want some good wedding reading. Thanks for putting it together!
P.S. Thanks for the shoutout!

Kamie said...

Ahh! Thank you for including me!! This is amazing and just so sweet!

jennybusybee said...

Thanks for including me lady! What a well organized list - you are totally on top of your stuff :)

Quick edit though: I'm 10/22! Luckily I still have 8 solid months...7 sounds way shorter! I should go DIY something!

PeachBride said...

Wow, this admirable! :)

Lauren said...

This is great!! Thanks for posting me!! Love seeing when all the big days are!

Miss Puppy Love said...

Omg! This is amazing! Thank you so much for doing this!!!! I need to save all of these dates, so I remember to wish everyone a Happy Day!

Leana said...

Wow, that is one amazingly comprehensive list! I'll have to check out some new blogs as well. We are on July 10 if you don't mind adding us to the list!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw how sweet are you! Thanks for including me in your list! There are a ton of girls I don't follow so I'll have to catch up on their blogs soon!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

This is great!!! :) Thanks for the shoutout too!!

Kelly said...

Ooo! Mine is June 25 also! Yay!

Malachi said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for commenting on my posts on my blog! I've been meaning to get you my wedding date information so I can be added to this list! We're getting married Sept. 10, 2011. Here's a link to my blog: Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! Looks like things are really coming together for your wedding--only about a month left!