Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Band Showcase #2

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Last night we went to the Carriage House at Milleridge Inn to see the band Code Bleu perform live. They did a real nice, long showcase and it was very different from our experience last week. This was at a catering hall, they had a few drinks set up in the back and we sat at tables while we watched. They opened up with some light cocktail hour music (guitar and a pianist/singer who did reallly great Billy Joel). Then they went into the full band. They were really good, especially the two main male singers. Their lead guy, I think his name was Tony, was unbelievable. He could sing anything classical, jazz, oldies, current.

I view Code Bleu as a very good, polished, by the book wedding band. They do it all...they did the Hava Negila, an Irish Jig, an Italian Ballad, the operatic "Time to Say Goodbye", Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, etc. etc. They absolutely had more contemporary songs on their setlist than Full House, BUT for some reason, we both individually agreed that we liked Full House better and just weren't feeling like this was our wedding band. I'll go more into detail on our likes and dislikes on each one once we've settled on a band, but that's where we are at right now.

Tonight we see Heart and Soul at Chateubriand!

Today's Funny (and Canadian) Wedding Ad:
You can't afford bad photography.

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