Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Band showcase #3

Well now we are just downright confused. confused. confused. Heart and Soul last night was two words. Ah. Mazing. Ah-Freaking-Mazing. They were all around the best band we've seen so far. Their lead singer Ganessa has the most amazing voice I've ever heard on someone NOT already famous, and their lead male singer was also top-notch. They were fun, energetic, had a wide variety of songs and styles. They were great. The confusion lies in the fact that we still also really like Full House. They had a laid back, classic-oldies and rock style about them that we both really jived with. Full House also had the 3 brass players (sax, trumpet, trombone) that we really liked. Heart and Soul differed in that they were more contemporary and didn't do a whole lot of those classic oldies. That's not to say that they can't do's just that we didn't hear them perform Frank Sinatra, or Bruce or anything like that. They had one guy who switched between sax, clarinet and flute, which was nice but not the same as three horns together. I realize I'm being very nit-picky but this part is really important to both me and Chris so we're being extra picky on this. We still have 4 more bands to maybe we'll like another one better and won't have to decide between these two. But, I can almost gurantee that there is no way we're going to find a better female singer out there than who we heard last night. 
There's more that adds to our confusion between these two, but again, I'll recap all the "yays" and "nays" of the bands once we reach a decision.

Picture of the Day:
I love Chris...and I also love food, particularly desserts. While I'm MORE THAN happy with the way my proposal went, I can't help but feel a littttle jealous at whoever got proposed to this way, especially because there are oreos involved:

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