Monday, March 15, 2010

Photographers and Band Showcase #4

I realized that I didn't give you any updates on our two photographers we visited last weekend: Deja Vu Studios and Franklin Square Photgraphers. We liked them both a lot which I was totally shocked about because for some reason...I didn't think I was going to be much impressed. Franklin Square was such a cute, family owned and operated business. Two brothers run the business their parents started years ago and are also the two main photographers. Both their wives and other family members help them in other aspects of the business as well. We toured the facility, right down to their printing and video production room. They have a really great business going and we had a good feeling there. However, I also really enjoyed our time at Deja Vu. The owner, Allen, who we met with was extremely personable, and down to earth. We both felt so comfortable and at ease with him that we also just really want to work with him in general. Not to mention, Deja Vu gave us a better price than any of the other photographers we've visited so right now, Deja Vu is in the lead with price and personality. Both places have some really cheesy pictures on their fact a lot of these places have at least one on their website that make me just want to say "really?" I know I've talked about this before, but you know which ones I'm talking about...the girl draped over a white piano with her dress hanging down and a single red rose draped over her chest while she looks wistfully up into the sky thinking about her love. Yes...that picture and any number of its brothers and sisters are unfortunately found on both the sites of the places we visited on Saturday. My favorite would have to be this picture below. I can just imagine the photographer directing this one. (For argument's sake, let's say their names are Brett and Michelle).

"Ok...Michelle, I want you to sit down and lean back like you're going to lay down, but don't actually lie down. Now, lift your right leg at an awkward 90 degree angle. Now Brett, kneel down, grab her raised leg by the ankle, and kiss her cheek so it looks like you're getting ready to get on top of her. hold. Great..I'll just blur the edges a little bit once this is developed and it'll look like a dream."

While pictures like these can make me cringe...I have to tell myself a few things:
1. There are a lot of girls out there who like pictures like that and they need to cater to their broad range of clientele. (By the way...I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, or if you have a picture just like this either in your wedding album or plan to take a picture like this...and I'm especially sorry if this is your picture above.)
2. I certainly don't have to pose any way I don't want to. If the photographer starts to say any of the following statements to me I have the right to say "no":
      "Ok lift your leg high in the air..."
      "Here, hold this red rose across your chest and look longingly at your husband..."
      "Sit in the middle of the room with your head flung back while Chris kisses your neck. I'll take the picture from above.
      "Laura, lay across the piano while Chris pretends to play"
      "Chris, lay across the piano while Laura actually plays"

3. They have a ton of other great pictures on their website that they have to offer as well...and one or two faux paux's should not deter me from anyone entirely. The Photojournalist sections offers great pictures that I would be more than happy with.

But the fun doesn't stop there!! Nope! We went to two more photographers on Saturday! As my friend Christina stated last week:
"Your hunt for the right wedding vendors should be compared to an expidition...somewhat Lewis and Clark like..."
Well...yea, Christina is pretty correct in that assessment. I'm beginning to think we just like going and meeting new people who like to plan weddings, it's not even really about the photography anymore. Of course, I'm joking...while we have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing how different each place is (because each place really is SO different in how they present their product), we are absolutely done looking for a photographer. This past Saturday we visited Perceptions Photography and Silverfox Studio . I love the pictures at Perceptions but I have to say it was one of the worst, most unaccommodating, most awful customer-service we have encountered so far in the wedding hunt (and the most expensive!). They certainly do well for themselves, they get a ton of business and they also photographed the Jonas wedding at Oheka Castle a few months ago (a fact I didn't know until we arrived and there were Jonas wedding pictures all over the place), so they've gotten all the press they need.  Silverfox was really great, and the guy we dealt with was an excellent salesman. He took us through each individual main and 2nd photographer they have and told us about their personal style as well as individual personality so help pair us with who we think would best suit our style, which I was extremely impressed with. I loved their albums and I loved their video as well. He used to be a wedding planner so he was also very helpful in giving us some of his personal opinions on the bands that we've heard so far (He was very fond of Heart and Soul, as we were..and also thinks we're going to really like Arcadia when we see them on Wednesday). All in all...we are done with the search for photographers..just need to figure out a few more things and we should have our final choice by the weekend!

On the band front, we went to see the band Stages on Friday night at Empire City in Yonkers. I had quite a different vision of what Yonkers was like and what Empire City would be like...and let's just say this was not the most glamorous of places. Stages seemed fun, they had a good crowd up and dancing, and we talked to their band leader who was really nice. However, Heart and Soul are still in the lead for us.
We have 2 more bands to see this of which we think might be a real true contender (Arcadia on Wednesday night) and we will reach a decision about both our photographer and wedding band by this Saturday, if not sooner. Then, I'll be onto the next phase of planning: Bridesmaid Dresses!

Video of the Day:
This is sooo cute and creative. This couple took 500 engagement shoot pictures and created this video. However, they don't get points on environmental friendliness for letting the balloons go at the end.

tori and austin from sarah yates on Vimeo.

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Kate said...

Yes yes yeessss Perceptions! And I also liked Silverfox followed by Deja vu b/c you know my opinion on your wedding is very key lol.

I like the Lewis and Clarke reference. I freaking loved your description of the awkward photo shoot...hilarious! And I really, really want to see a piano pic w/ Chris lying seductively on the piano while you're playing.