Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mandy's Bridal Shower!

Last Sunday began the wedding festivities of my dear friend Mandy!! (only 2 months to go!!) It was at an Asian Fushion restaurant in PA and was hosted by 3 of her mother's friends.

The Bridesmaids:

There were lots of fun games and good food! We played a "Price is Right" game, a "How well do you know Mandy" game (Mal and I tied for first!) and a "what's in your purse game." This was followed by a fun time of putting Mandy on the spot with questions about her and Billy.  Then she opened her presents..Elizabeth made her an amazing Bride hat out of the gift ribbons, good work Elizabeth!:
I'd have to say Sam topped the gift giving portion with an amazing haiku poem that went in conjunction with her and her mom's gift. Then we rounded out the afternoon with desserts and a really creepy chinese ice sculpture ghost??  This was brought out special for Mandy..annnnd we just accepted it and didn't ask questions. Kinda creepy huh?
May the Mandy and Billy wedding festivities continue!!

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