Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Laura..you waited too long to do this

I've run into my first "Laura..you waited too long to do this" moment. It's not so tragic, but two bands that I was interested in seeing are already booked for MAY 21, 2011!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? The Projekt and Renegade are already booked...and I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before Code Blue is booked, too. I was interested in The Projekt because they are a spin off band of the band that played at the Chris's parent's wedding in 1981. They've had a few different names since then, but for the past 11 years, they've been called "The Projekt" and apparently have become highly regarded. The guy I talked to on Thursday night from the band was literally one of the nicest people I've ever talked to. We talked for about 15 or 20 minutes and he was so excited that I was referencing these people from Chris's parent's wedding band that he knew or knew at one time...I think he was genuinely bummed that he wasn't available for our wedding!  I'm so impressed by those couples out there that already have their bands decided for their May 2011 wedding. Jeez...I thought I was ball, but apparently not.  I should have done this before the reception hall search! It's really not a huge deal, there are still a ton of bands out there that are great, but I am interested in seeing just how good these two bands are that they are booked that far in advance. I wonder if people out there who have an engagement for less than a year find it extra difficult to book the vendors and places they want?! Anyway, I've switched around my piano teaching schedule for the next two weeks so that I can go to more band showcases. There are 6 we plan on attending in the next 2 weeks...so there will be lots of updating!

In other news, in the midst of all this band searching, I also scheduled an appointment with a photographer this past Saturday morning. Chris and I have passed their building (Twelfth Night Photography) several times driving out by our apt/house/whatever it is we technically live in. I had noticed it before and always said to myself "Oh I gotta check that place out online when I get home" and then of course never did. Luckily, Chris remembered to check the website out last week and sent it to me, and I was very intrigued. I like the idea/concept/visual aspect of their website, though not the most user friendly. I thought they seemed really great, local, convenient and would be worth checking out. But then, I read some reviews about them online and I slowly became more and more obsessed. I read amazing review after amazing review.I really liked the place. It was a comfortable atmosphere. Dom, the owner, is extremely personable and I could tell he would be great to work with. 

He talked A LOT....sometimes I wanted to say "ok..we get it...we understand" But I refrained. What I really liked about this place was how digital everything was. He understands that in this day and age...we just want the files. We don't need every single picture printed in a huge book to look over..give me files, give me the ability to upload them to my computer, and give me the ability to print them myself. And he does that. He even told us that we should upload the pictures to Snapfish or kodagallery and create our own scrapbooks for our friends...(but to still get a nice professional one for us and our parents of course). 2 hours and a cup of hot chocolate later...we left Twelfth Night, feeling quite satisfied! We plan on going to a few more places just for price comparison before making a decision, so we I hope to also have this solidified by the end of the month, as well as our band.

That's all for now...I have another really busy week ahead of me with work, so I hope I can update one more time this week.

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Kate Veeee said...

I can't believe the bands are already booked!

Also, I bet you have never experienced people going on and on with too much detail before...you know...like on a daily basis. Never right? NEVERRRRR.

You guys are so on it!