Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday-Find: Viral Video Proposal

Happy Friday! The sun is shining, summer has "unofficially", officially arrived and I get out of work at 4:00 on Fridays! Things are certainly looking good. I am super pumped for this summer, even if it going to be super busy (seriously, my dad asked me to send him our free weekend days for the summer and my email literally read "June 30th".)

Any-who, this video went viral last weekend, but I wanted to make sure that everyone has seen it by now, because it's too cute not to share! I love the dancing girl in red, I think she's adorable. I love the "dancing jews" when Bruno Mars sings "Dancing Juice"...I love...ok, how about you just watch it for yourself? If you've already seen this 12,000 times, why not watch it again?

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Mom said...

I just finally caught up with all your posts. I love the pic of you and all the wine barrels. Lush! California seems like it was an amazing experience with the potential for a lifetime of superb memories.

Today's video is one of the best proposals ever! I love Bruno Mars and I love the humor and all the friends and family that make this video so special. Great choice for todays's Friday Find!