Thursday, June 7, 2012

California Vcation Part 6: Ghiradelli Square

The day after our Napa tour, we met up with our new friend, Jan, for a couple hours. He had just bought an order of fried oreos when we met up with him, and who are we to resist his offer to try them? These were if there would be any doubt.
We then headed over to Ghiradelli Square - a cute little area with very nice shops and restaurants. 
We of course, had to get a Ghirardelli sundae..when in Rome, right?

Also very well known in Ghiradelli Square is Kara's Cupcakes. Unfortunately, since I had that huge sundae, I did NOT feel up for one of Kara's cupcakes (a decision I now regret...because I can get a sundae anywhere, but I can't get Kara's cupcakes anywhere). So Jan had to be my tester. He decided on a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate sprinkles: I knew there was a reason we got along with him so well!
According to him, it was very sure looked it!
Hanging out in Ghiradelli Square
We then walked down to Hyde St. Pier to look at the docks and boats:

After we said goodbye to Jan, Chris and I came across the Musée Mécanique: "One of the world's largest privately owned collection of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines in their original working condition." This free museum was a very neat place to stumble upon. We spent a good hour or two perusing all the old fashioned machines.

 Riding the train! - really just sitting in it
 some sort of Player Piano

This place was really neat. There were very old-fashioned games and also a "Rated X peep show" area, where for a penny, you could watch a flip book of a woman wearing...get this...a one piece bathing suit. It was pretty funny that the "Rated X" section would most definitely be "rated G" by today's standard. Here's a great video about the the Musée Mécanique from their website:


Jessica said...

If I didn't have reason enough before, I think a trip to San Fran is definitely in the cards now! Om nom nom looks so good!

Kara M said...

If I ever go, I will DEF have to stop by Kara's cupcakes :)

Heather said...

Sounds like another fun day! That is so funny about the "X-rated" flip book. It fascinates me to think how our standards of what is considered "sexy" and even "beautiful" have changed over time.

Karen said...

And now I need ice cream and a cupcake. Yum!!