Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Recap: Cutting the Cake

Near the end of the night it was time for us to cut the cake! Remember I said that there was one other thing I was upset about with our florist? When I first met with our florist, I mentioned that we would like flowers for our cake. However, meeting with him again two days before the wedding it somehow got overlooked to reconfirm those details. Before cocktail hour our banquet Manager, Mohamed, came up to me:
Mohamed: "Was the florist supposed to drop off flowers to decorate your cake?"
Me: "Yes! Did they not leave any?"
Mohamed: Looking down at my bouquet..."Nope, everything's fine, don't worry about it." 
I can't be certain, but if you ask me: I think Mohamed sent one of his staff members to the florist down the street to buy matching purple roses to decorate our cake. When Chris and I walked into the reception hall an hour later, this is what we saw:
Like my bouquet...this wasn't exactly how I envisioned it with green cascading flowers, but it was still pretty and I was fine with it.

I don't think many people really watched us cut the cake, or even knew it was going on. It wasn't all "everyone stop what they're doing and watch" which took a bit of the pressure off of us, and became more of a photo shoot than anything else.
It was a close call on my Wednesday Wedding Poll as to which flavor we should pick, but french cream won 51% to cannoli cream filling at 44%.  In the end, we also decided on vanilla cake with french cream filling because we knew that cannolis would also be served at dessert.

The "Mr. and Mrs." Banner I made the exact same way I made my "Thank You" Banner for the card box table. I actually made this for our sweetheart table, but it ended up fitting much better on our cake table. 
And that was our cake!


Mom said...

You have a good attitude about the minor disappointments with your wedding. Weddings are so full of hype and expectations of perfection that minor details can be distorted into major catastrophes. That's what turns a bride into a Bridezilla episode! Lol!

Karen said...

Your cake was absolutely gorgeous! Love the table decorations too!

Jessica said...

I'm glad your coordinator was able to come through!! It does look pretty, even if it wasn't exactly what you wanted.

HiLLjO said...

What an amazing manager!
Our cake was sparse because of the amount of flowers we ordered but we made it work with some extra fakies around the bottom just fine. I love how yours turned out!

SG to SP said...

Your cake was a similar style to mine. I think it looks really pretty especially given the circumstances. Not many people watched us cut our cake either, everyone seemed more interested in drinking and dancing :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

The cake looks gorgeous! You had a similar idea to what ours was.... square tiers, ribbon at the bottom. Having the pressure taken off really makes for better pictures I learned! :)

Megan said...

I love your cake! It is gorgeous! That was really cool of the manager to not make you worry about something like that. He obviously knew that upsetting you was the last thing that he should do. I'm sorry that your florist didn't do their job, but I still think it looks gorgeous!

Karen said...

Your cake is so pretty! I like that you incorporated flowers and your initials into the design - a very nice touch!

Bride-onicles said...

How awesome that your banquet manager averted a crisis and went and got flowers, your cake was so big and beautiful!! YUM!

el.vi. said...

Oh my I think my cake is like yours just has a ribbon!...I love it...simple & elegant! <3