Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Recap: At Last

Firstly: Happy 6 month anniversary to my Hubby! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!!

When Chris and I first saw our band, Arcadia, perform their showcase back in 2010 they performed an amazing version of At Last by Etta James. I just about lost it when the saxophone came in for the solo, and their singer did the song unbelievably well. It was one of the songs that totally sold me on going with them in the end. Though we had chosen a Dave Matthews Band song for our first dance, I really wanted to make sure that Chris and I also got to dance to At Last at some point in the night.

I asked the band to play it near the end of the night and to make sure that Chris and I were up close to them when they did it. When the time came and they called us up to the dance floor, Chris was nowhere to be found!! While people ran off to look for him, I waited and....danced with myself.
Finally, the Groom comes running out to the dance floor!
I hadn't intended this dance to be just us, but for the first half that's kind of what it was...luckily people slowly started to trickle onto the dance floor and join us.
Though it's hard to tell what this picture is, it's actually taken in the mirror above the dance floor, so it's kind of an aerial shot of us dancing!
 Just listen to how amazing the singer is! Also note how I pretty much sing along for most of the song:
I was glad that I requested this, because though we were together a lot that night, it was easy to get pulled in 20 different directions and not be "in the moment". This forced us to calm down for a bit, and just be together for few minutes before we were pulled in different directions again. I highly recommend talking to your DJ or band about doing something like this for your reception.

Did/Will you have a "second" first dance near the end of your reception?


Mom said...

So romantic!

Kerry said...

Happy 6 Months!
My husband and I had some difficulty choosing our first dance song as it was a close race between two of our favorites, so we snuck in an extra dance later in the reception. With the pressure off, we were able to truly enjoy the music and dancing. It is one of my favorite moments of the entire day. said...

6 months already!! Wow time goes by so fast! I love the second first dance...<3 so sweet

Bride-onicles said...

Oh my that is my biggest fear that Groomzilla and I will be totally separated the whole night because we will be so busy chatting it up with various friends and family. We also plan to have our first dance song played as our last song but hope that everyone will join in dancing as well.

ipoel said...

awww too cute!! i love that you have the video too :)