Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New York Mini-Shower

I had such a fantastic time at my "New York Mini-Bridal Shower" last Thursday with friends Kate, Kristen and Christina. You may remember this post, where the girls planned an awesome dinner out at Robert in New York City's Columbus Circle because they couldn't make it to my Bridal Shower in Pennsylvania. I arrived a bit early with Kate and we were promptly seated at our table that had this view:
Pretty awesome, huh? Kate ordered a Green Apple Martini and I ordered "The Isabell" which was Prosecco and elderflower liqueur. It was ah-mazing.
Each of us were suffering some sort of ailment or another, Christina even had to leave a little early to go pick up a prescription at the pharmacy that her doctor phoned in for her! But we were troopers for the sake of good food, drink and company:
We caught up over drinks and an appetizer of Grilled Flatbread with Cannellini Beans, portobello mushroom and Ricottta Salata. For dinner, I had the Blue Crab Risotto: Blue Crab, Avocado and Red Pepper Coulis:

Kate and Kristin has the Spring Pea Ravioli - Mint and Lemon:

and Christina had the Ricotta Gnocchi: Asparagus and Prosciutto de Parma:

All were fantastic! After dinner the girls showered me with gifts, (which I can't even believe because they were already treating me to such a nice and fancy dinner!) I got two sets of these awesome riedel wine tumblers:
A Vintage Chianti from Italy that I can't WAIT to try, a little undergarment set that shall remain off the blog for obvious reasons ;) and an adorable "d" initial necklace that I can't wait to wear once I'm officially a "D"

So cute!!

I'm so mad that I didn't get a picture of our donut dessert...(I definitely was too concerned with eating it to realize). For dessert we split the Bomboloni: Cinnamon Dusted Ricotta Fritters, with a Trio of Dipping Sauces. It was incredible! Here's a google image search of what it looked like:
I can't thank these three enough for such an awesome night out. It was a classy, fun, exciting way to officially kick off all the wedding madness! Thank you and much love to Christina, Kristin and Kate!


Mom said...

Wow! I'm hungry for the apetizer.I think I need to upgrade on my friends. We just goto Ruby Tuesday or Fridays or something along that line.Lol. I looked at the pic of Columbus Circle and saw a sea of taxis. Ahh New York! So here's to good food and good friends!(And great gifts!)

HiLLjO said...

How awesome! What a view!!!

So sweet of all the ladies in NYC. Those tumblers are so cute! So classy of you to keep your unmentionable unseen. I admire.

Shana said...

my mouth is seriously watering from those food pictures! It reminds me I am yet to eat today haha. p.s. those tumblers are adorable!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Sounds awesome, and what a great location! It's fabulous you got to celebrate with them, despite everyone not feeling well in some way, which is a major bummer.

steph c said...

Just looking at that food is making me SO hungry!! Sounds like it was a great evening!

Kamie said...

Wow looks like you had so much fun!! What a great view and what fabulous food! Love your gifts!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh my goodness!!! All that delish looking food!?!?! Sounds like a super fun time!! :)

jacin {lovely little details} said...

i love that necklace!! what a great night :)

Jasmine said...

that looks like a great time! fun friends, a beautiful view, yummy food and presents! yay for presents! and that necklace! =) very fun!

pretty soon i'll be a "d" myself!

Kate V said...

Mama O, your comment made me literally laugh out loud!!!! What can I say, we're classy...with a K.

I speak for myself when I say I was suffering from no affliction, other than winter. And I'm glad this mug finally graced your blog. And I think your blog hits would increase greatly if you posted a pic of yourself wearing the unmentionable...just a humble suggestion HAHA.

You're too cute. Glad you had a great time! It was fun to plan. Sorry to miss your shower this upcoming weekend, but the NYC shower was a BLAST not just for the gal who got gifts. See you for the bachelorette, which is really more important anyway.

Heather said...

Mmmmm. My stomach is growling after looking at all of the delicious food. So glad you had a great time with your friends who couldn't make it to the shower!

AlwaysWright said...

Love the tumblers. I love things like that, that match but not exactly.

AlwaysWright said...

Also, I love that photo of Columbus circle. Reminds me of the day we went to Central Park a couple of days after getting engaged ;)