Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Find: The Wedding Video Official Trailer

This movie really looks shall we say. BUT I have to admit there are some pretty funny moments in this trailer, as cliche and predictable as they are ("So at that special filled with butterflies!!") I would watch this when it comes out on video, for free...but I'd be lying if I said I had zero interest in seeing it...after all, when am I ever known to turn down anything having to do with weddings?! It really would be for research ;)

We're off to Vermont, have a great weekend everyone!


Mom said...

OHHHHH MYYYYY GAWWWWDDD, LAURA!!!! This is soo bad it's good! Love the bouquet toss! Let's see it together!

Heather said...

OMG, I think this looks so funny for it's mockery of all the wedding cliches! The Titanic scene was just crazy! I would totally watch this when it comes out.