Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Re-Post: "A Vermont Wedding"

This weekend, I will be heading to Vermont with Chris' family for a family friend's daughter's wedding. This wedding will be very similar to the Vermont Wedding we attended 2 years ago for the bride's sister. Today is a re-post of that Vermont Wedding which was originally posted on 9/14/10. The wedding this weekend will be very similar. I'm looking forward to a road trip and getting out of the "city" (in quotes because I don't actually live IN the city a.k.a Manhattan) for a weekend.

Originally posted 9/14/10:
I feel kind of funny blogging about the wedding I went to over the weekend because I don't even personally know the bride and groom. I was there as Chris' date, and the bride was Chris' family friend's daughter. I met the bride and groom on Saturday and they were lovely, charming, and adorable, but I just didn't know if it was appropriate to introduce myself with "Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for inviting me to your wedding, do you mind if I blog all about it on Monday?"

So, I will keep the details to a minimum. I will say that this wedding was so different from any wedding we've been to, but filled with so much charm, and personal touches. It was the kind of wedding I always see in pictures, but never actually got to attend.

Their wedding took place at the bride's beautiful antique-filled house in Vermont. The ceremony was on her deck, and it was literally 5 minutes long. I think most people there, especially the men, were quite grateful for that! It was a beautiful sunny day, and a really great temperature when the sun was out. (But it was freezing by nighttime!)
Ceremony on the deck
After the ceremony, we were moved to another part of the yard where tents were set up. They had a bar area with bartenders and hors d'oeuvres like pita chips and hummus, vegetables, fruit, cheese, pepperoni and blueberry blue-cheese balls (which sound so weird but I LOVED!). After an hour or so, we were moved inside the main tent for dinner.
Table centerpieces. Sunflowers, and jelly jar candles
For dinner we had roasted pork with apples, roasted potatoes, salad, rolls and broccoli salad with feta and craisins (my favorite)!! After that, we had cupcakes and Italian cookies! Below:
Cake on top with surrounding cupcakes!
Cutting the cake in the tent
After that, they blasted the jukebox on the deck and people either danced, mingled, or huddled around the bonfire to stay warm. At one point me and my new friends, Monica and Kellyn, who both grew up with Chris, stole away from the party for some Andre in Monica's car:

Yumm Andreeee!
Bonfire at night to keep us warm!!

While others danced up on the deck!
It was a beautiful Vermont evening, and a beautiful wedding. The couple actually met on E-Harmony and they should really be the poster couple for the company. They seemed very happy and it got me even more excited for May! I couldn't leave Vermont without visiting a country store where I bought Vermont smoked cheddar cheese, pumpkin butter, maple apple peanut butter, pumpkin spice tea and apple cider tea, all of which I cannot wait to try!!


K said...

Cute! I've never been to a small low key wedding, but they always sound like so much fun! In fact, we attempted that, but apparently the guest list had a different idea! Haha. Have fun!

Mom said...

I would love a backyard wedding.And that peanut butter and pumpkin butter look amazing!

CaliCrepes said...

the roasted pork sounded amazing I wish there were more photos of the food but the wedding looks great!