Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Molly and Mark's Wedding Part 2: The Details

After the ceremony (catch up here) we headed right over to Burnside Plantation for picture taking, cocktail hour, and the reception! Everything was set up so amazingly! Together with her family and friends, Molly and Mark worked tirelessly through the week to get everything set up perfectly.

This sign, which Mark and Molly's dad made together, clearly showed where everything was:

Molly and her mom made this handmade banner that read "All you need is love, Love is all you need", which hung on the fence at the main entrance.
The barn for presents and cocktail hour food:
The other barn was set up for the bar
At the bar were little buckets filled with vintage blue and white drinking straws, and the signature drinks signs! The "Magrocrag" was my personal favorite, and my "go-to" drink the entire night!
Molly is a librarian and Mark is an English teacher, so books hold an extremely personal and important part in their lives. Each table was named after a different one of their favorite books, and the seating place-cards were handmade bookmarks!
Molly and her mom individually stamped EACH. LETTER. onto these bookmarks! Chris and I were at The Great Gatsby table!
The thumbprint tree was drawn by Molly's dad (remember the amazing invitations he designed himself?!)
This vintage typewriter was Molly's grandfather's original typewriter. This was placed on the welcome table and helped complete the vintage feel created throughout the wedding.
The picture display of weddings-past for both families. You can see her mom's original dress, puffy sleeves and all, in the picture on the bottom left!
Our Great Gatsby table!
Their favors were perfect: an M&M cookie from M & M, or Molly and Mark who also both have "M" last names!
The cake was made and decorated by a family friend. Each real flower was individually placed on the cake (and edible too!) and looked absolutely exquisite. This is one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen!
Molly worked so hard on preparations for their wedding day and Mark felt he really needed to contribute something of his own creation and idea. He worked tirelessly through the days, weeks, months to make the perfect sign for their sweetheart table, and make it he did.

Look closely...very closely...notice anything?

I think it's official: Mark has the coolest wife. Ever.


K said...

So fun! I love seeing all the personal touches!

Megan said...

I love all of the details! I especially love the finger print tree and the old type writer. I love the whole look of the wedding, it is so classic and fun!

Heather said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love all of these details, and that sign is too funny!

Kate V said...

I give up. I'll never in my life top this top this level of personal detail haha. Good for them! What a great couple. Love the sign - he really picked a great wife.

PS - My bf and I went to a bar once named "Gatsby" and I HAD TO EXPLAIN WHAT THE GREAT GATSBY IS. Can you ever wrap your head around meeting someone who hasn't heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald?!?!?!

eliz said...

Wow so unique! Those bookmarks are awesome!