Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Thank-You Cards

We got our thank you cards through our photography studio, and received them about 3 months after our wedding, mostly because I put off deciding which picture(s) to use. I got started on writing out our 185 Thank you cards Labor Day weekend and had them all out in the mail by the first week of October. I worked on them constantly...I felt like I didn't see Chris for weeks because I was always working away after work. The front of our thank you card had my favorite black and white picture from the church, and the back had a close up of our faces:
Though I suppose "etiquette" dictates I should have them out within three months, I am quite proud and happy with the fact that I got them out just under the 5 month mark. I had hoped to do them in 3...but such is life.

Many people asked me if I was going to have Chris write some of the thank you's or if I was doing them all myself. Truthfully? I wrote them all myself. Honestly, I preferred to write them myself. I have much better handwriting and for as time-consuming as it was, I had a method to my madness and a master plan to accomplishing the task at hand. I didn't mind doing them all myself and this was in no way anything that Chris demanded or expected of me. Many people told me I was crazy...but that's the way that it worked out for us.

So Chris' job was adding all of our return address labels, which I had made at vistaprint:

And also adding all the stamps to the envelopes

Easy and mindless - but he still had a small part in helping me out. Getting the last of these thank you's out was a HUGE relief, and that is a project I am more than happy to be done with.

What about you? Did/Will you have your husband write some of your thank-you's? Or, will/did you do them all yourself?


Mom said...

I wrote the thank yous and dad added his signature. He did add to our parents' thank yous. I wrote them because dad's version of a thank you note would have been "Thanks." There is a place for brevety...but!

Your cards look lovely, btw.

Jessica said...

Ah yes, those darn thank you cards. Yours look so cute! After the wedding, I was pretty much wedding'ed out so I just bought blank ones from Wal-Mart lol. And Matt did definitely write some, specifically to his family and his friends that I didn't know. But it was like pulling teeth, getting him to write haha!

It's A Love Story said...

I did them all myself too! pretty much for all the same reasons.

Heather said...

They look great, Laura! I did let Stephen write the cards to his close family friends and guests to speed things up, and we wrote a lot of them as gifts came in before the wedding. We didn't do anything cool like you in terms of including wedding pictures, though, which is an awesome idea!

K said...

Yeah... Big A's handwriting mirrors that of a toddlers, so I doubt I will let him anywhere near our thank you cards. But then again, he whines just having to sign his name, so it is probably for the best!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

I too did mine all by myself. I didn't mind either and preferred it that way. Nate did have a hand in writing the list of who gave us what as we opened gifts which was VERY helpful! But that was about it. And it worked well for us too!

Bride-onicles said...

I was wondering about this too. I know I will end up writing them out, because if I let David do any he would just write "Thank You" on the card and send it out. But Me, I know I will personalize each and every card. I was wondering if he has to sign his name or do I just sign for the both of us? I ordered some thank you cards already with a few of our engagement photos on them. I love them. Yours came out great too!

Lexi said...

Jason wrote thank yous to his family and friends and I did thank yous for mine. This ended up with me writing 2/3 of them, but that's ok. Unfortunately, we have not sent them out yet (I know... horrible) but that's on the TO DO list this week!!

I love your thank yous... they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm positive that I will be writing all of our Thank You notes as well!

I just used those stamps for our Save The Dates too! I love them!