Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Honeymoon Series: Bridesmaid Gifts part II

In addition to the flip flops that we put in the bridesmaid bags, we also included these adorable necklaces that I ordered off of etsy:
I ordered these from ERia Designs on Etsy. I ordered each girl's initial with a hammered looked to them. I loved them so much, I got one for myself too! Here's one of the 4 M's I have in my Bridal Party! ERia Designs was very easy to work with and extremely quick, I had them within the same week I ordered them!

My mom made these great Wine Bottle Bags. I bought wine from Trader Joe's (classy I know...but hey, it's award winning!) and put it into the bags. Then we tied them with a lacey ribbon

Lastly, I included these zip-up hoodies in each bag for them to wear while getting ready the morning of the wedding.
I bought them at I initially wanted to iron their initials onto the front of the hoodie, but the initials I ordered were actually way bigger than I wanted them to be, and in the end, I thought they'd get more use out of them in the future if I didn't put a huge rhinestone initial onto it.

Next up: The Bags that these gifts went into! (that will have to be shared AFTER the honeymoon)


Mom said...

All I can say is when you write up all the DIYs you did I about fall over! Even though I knew you did all this when it's all written down the breadth of your DIYs becomes so much more apparent. You defintely have another career here!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

i love all of the details you put in to this!! those hoodies are adorable!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Super cute! I bet they loved receiving them!