Friday, May 6, 2011

2011/12 Blogging Brides

Hello! As I suspected, practically 100% of you said that you think Chris and I should sit together during the ceremony. Some also gave me some fantastic different ideas and options to consider trying out at our rehearsal. Thanks so much for giving me your thoughts and ideas!

Tomorrow I am having my second hair trial. As you may remember, I settled on a french twist style at my first hair and makeup trial back in November

However, I have some other ideas and styles I'd like to try out now that my hair is so much longer, and I just want peace of mind that it really is the style I want to go with.

Other than that, I have a laundry list of other errands and projects to work on this weekend...two more weekends before the big day!! Today I'm going to re-post my 2011/12 Blogging Brides Page. There has been a TON of new additions since I last posted this, and it was such a hit I made it a page at the top of the blog. Definitely check out some of the amazing bloggers listed here.


          2/19: Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please

          3/5: City Girl Bride
          3/24: Heidi @ The Sweet Life

           4/10: First Comes Loves
           4/10: Victoria @ Little Miss Mac (to be)
           4/16:  Orange Juice in my Cheerios  
           4/17: Justine @ A Knot Editor Gets Married
           4/19: Two Hearts, One Beach Wedding          
           4/??:  Sara @ Butterfly Cottage
           4/23: Kayleigh @ The Knottie Bride
           4/23: The Future Mrs
           4/30: Nicole-Lynn @ Seaside Smitten
           4/30: Melissa @ The Best is Yet to Come (My scarf swap pal!)
          5/1: Beth @ The Goodlaff Bride
          5/1: Katie @ Koala Chique
          5/6: Mrs. Vid To Be
          5/21: Laura @ Saying "I do"
          5/21: Anne @ The Fit Bridesmaid
          5/21: Heather @ He Asked, I said Yes
          5/27: Lauren @ Eat Drink and Be Married 
          5/28: Jessica @ A Little bit of Everything
          5/29: 5K Becomes a Bride

          6/9: Miss Tattoo @ Tattoos and Lace
          6/10: HillJo @ Daisy to Sunflower
          6/10: Erin @ The Long Distance Bride         
          6/11: Miss Puppy Love
          6/11: It's a Love Story
          6/11: Natasha @ A Day in the Life 
          6/16: Steph @ You're the Cheese to My Macaroni
          6/18: Kassi @ Truly Lovely
          6/19: Always Wright @ Wedding Day and Beyond         
          6/19: Vicki @ Crowning Victoria 
          6/22: Jessica @ Happily Ever After
          6/24: Kamie @ True Love Story's Never Have Endings
          6/25: Becca @ Countdown to June 24, 2011
          6/25: Chelsea @ Chelsea Gets Married
          6/25: Kelly @ The IKEA Bride
          6/26: Holly @ June 26, 2011

          7/2: Lexi @ $15K and 1,000 Miles Away
          7/9: Miss Margarita
          7/10: Leana @ Enginner + Geek Tie the Knot
          7/16: Jasmine @ Jasmine and Sean
          7/22: Shana at Whimsy Wedding Day         
          7/30: Natalie @ Semi-Homemade Wedding
          7/??: Robin @ HitchDied

8/1: The Oceanside Bride
          8/6: Annie @ WinkingAnnie
          8/6: Lisa @ It's the Same but Different
          8/10: Miss D @ And Something Pink         
          8/13: Jill @ Strawberry Blonde Bride
          8/15: Miss Cuddlefish @ All the Lacy Details
          8/20: Tiffany @ To Be Wed 
          8/20: Dee @ LittleBirddee
          8/27: Donnica @ Fighting Bridezillas
          8/27:  Lauren at The Bride Side of Life
          8/29: Amanda @ Twoninenine and Ever After         
          8/??: Cheap Chic Bride
          8/??: Terra @ Adirondack Jersey Girl

   9/3: Cheryl @ Sweet Disposition         
          9/??: Sarah @ A Wedding with a View
          9/??: Wannabe DIY Bride
          9/9: Amanda @ From Thee to We
          9/10: Manda @ Wouldn't Change it for the World..
          9/10: Jenny @ Our Day In the Making
          9/17: Jenn @ A Sweet September Wedding 
          9/18: Future Mrs. Brake
          9/23: Heather @ Hangry Pants 
          9/24: Margie and Drew @ Margie and Drew's Southern Wedding Blog

          10/1: Confessions of a Grad School Bride
          10/7: Miss Doxie @ My Journey from Miss to Mrs.
          10/8: Mallory @ That's what she said is getting hitched!
          10/13: Melinda @ Wedding Stuffz
          10/15: Allison and Steve   
          10/15: Miss Coffeebean @ What This Heart Wants
          10/15: Tara @ Diva Gone Domestic          
          10/22: Jenny @ Jenny Busy Bee
          10/??: Ms. Lemon Puppy @ The Lemon Puppy

         11/5:  Kristin @ Busy Bee
         11/12: Danielle @ Sealed with a Kiss
         11/??: Hearts and Whimsy
         11/25: Ashley @ Eleven Twenty Five Eleven

          12/3: Stephanie @ The Vintage Modern Bride

2012 Brides:
4/14/12: Mel @ Adventures in Wedding Planning
4/21/12: Imperfect Obsession
4/21/12: "I do" on the Bayou

5/5/12: Karen @ The Adventure Begins

6/2/12: Tracy @ B and T Wedding

9/1/12: Building Life Through Love

10/13/12: Sandy Toes Bride

Wish to be added to this list, or make a change? Email me at, or leave a comment below.


Mom said...

After seeing the Royal Wedding I reconsidered on the French Twist as my favorite hairstyle for your wedding day. Now I think I like style #2 better which was half up/half down. The fact that I can even remember that style without even referring back to your post says something. Have you considered just going bald? Lol!

Shana said...

What a great idea to make a list of all of us! I had so much trouble finding other brides in the blogger world when I started out.

I love the photo above, it is what I am propbably going to go with because my hair is still rather short ( I wear extensions sometimes he he ) but if you have other options I say experiement and see what you can come up with :)

amanda&graham said...

Tee hee, my wedding is actually the 29/09/2012 (or 09/29/12 for the USA hehe) but thanks so much for including me!!!

It's A Love Story said...

Only a few more days!

Diana said...

Good luck on your 2nd hair trial, I hope you find the style you really want.

WOW that is a long list of brides!! :) Congrats to them all.

Kamie said...

I really do love your hair like that! So exciting that more and more brides are blogging!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Have fun at the trial, and just make sure you are 100 percent happy with what you're getting on your wedding day. I know some brides who didn't speak up and regretted it later. Two weeks to go!

Teenage Bride said...

wow that is quite a list!!

I love french twists.... so elegant!

Miss D said...

Wow so many blogging brides! Thanks for sharing the list!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout!! Love the hair!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

Seeing my date on your list makes me realize how long it's been since our wedding--it's almost been three months, CRAZY!

I hope your hair trial works out. My trial was almost two hours long and we FINALLY figured out a style I was happy with. I just got lucky that my stylist didn't have any other clients around my time, so we were able to figure something out that day.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i'm excited :) i made the list already ;) let us know how the hair decision turns out!

GBR1980 said...

Great list! Can you add me too..Tiffany @
Date is 3/24/12

Thanks and hope the hair trial works out!! Good Luck!

Rorie said...

Gahhh its getting so close for you!!! That hair style is beautiful, what others are you thinking!? Thanks for linking me up again!

steph c said...

Quick note!! I'm actually getting married NEXT June, in 2012!!

Can't believe you're only 2 weeks away! So exciting!!

AlwaysWright said...

I love this. I can now check these out. Thanks for including me too.
Good luck with the hair trial.

elvi said...

Oh can you add me...4/21/12 :-)

Anonymous said...

Our wedding is on the 16th! What a cool list.