Thursday, May 26, 2011

Honeymoon Series: Bridesmaid Gifts Part 1

Part of my Bridesmaid Gifts were the flip flops I included for them to wear during the reception. I saw a tutorial on Once Wed on how to make these adorable flowers HERE and tried my hand at making them over the Christmas Holiday.

However, I had to make some changes for them to work with these flip flops.
1. I used a spice bottle to measure the circles rather than a spool of thread. This gave me a bigger circle to work with and resulted in a bit of a bigger flower.
2. I had to use 10 circles per flower instead of 6 in order for it to look full.

I bought green fabric that matched their dresses and layed it out on a large cutting board (Note: We bought something called batik fabric because it's the same on both sides. The flowers I made using non-batik fabric, didn't come out as colorful, and didn't look as good. Batique is more expensive, but it's worth it for good flowers)
Then with a pencil and spice bottle, I drew 96 little circles!
Of course, this was difficult when I kept getting interrupted by a certain puppy who wanted to lick my face!
While I drew circles, my mom cut them out:
We put them in rows of ten so we could visualize how many more we needed to make.
When I was done tracing, I started to assemble them and eventually had 12 flowers done!

Next we needed to glue them to the flip flops. I found that the flowers weren't keeping the exact shape I wanted, so I first glued them to a harder fabric as backing. This made them keep their open shape. Then we hot glued the flowers to the middle of the flip flop. (I discovered later that the hot glue wasn't working, so I had to reattach these with Gorilla Glue in order to keep them on!):
And made a cute little decorated set of flip flops!
 Then we tied the pairs together with a green with white polka-dot ribbon to add to their bags:
For me, I made myself a white pair in case I can't wear my  heels all night (though I'm going to try!)
Don't have a picture, but it's the same thing in white!

I can't wait to see my girls wearing these the night of our reception!


Mom said...

Your flip flops were a big hit and perfect for everyone to wear. It's too painful wearing heels all night and so much easier to rip up the dance floor in flip flops!

Rorie said...

Adorable Idea!! I def need to figure out what I am gonna do!!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

how cute! they came out great!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Those are CUTE! And I bet they were SOOOOO much more comfortable!!

AlwaysWright said...

I think I'm going to buy my BMs a pair to wear for the evening, I'm encouraged to know yours were appreciated.

Shana said...

very cute! I always have a puppy trying to give me kisses when I am making things too!

GBR1980 said...

What an adorable idea! You just gave me an idea to maybe give my BMs a pair of flats as part of their gift once they want to kick of the heels for the dancing!

steph c said...

Awesome idea! I'm super impressed with your craftiness :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Super cute! Love the green against the black. I bet your girls loved them.

I also made some flip flops for my girls. They loved them too!