Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Find: Wedding Song Mashup

I'm no stranger to Glee, I know a good mash-up when I hear one. This one certainly takes the cake when it combines Flo Rida's "Ride Wit Me" and Pachelbel's Canon!

(Side note: My college roommate once asked me if I knew who composed Pachelbel's Canon...after thinking about it for a few minutes I said...."Wait...that would be...Pachelbel right?")

Chris and I are off to James and Maria's respective Bachelor and Bachelorette parties this weekend! Looking forward to celebrating the weekend with Maria and her girls!!


Heather said...

This is cool! Have a fun weekend, Laura!

Teenage Bride said...

0h my gosh this is hilarious!!!!

Mom said...

Ingenious! I loved it. I especially loved watching the father of the bride!

Hope you both have a wild time this weekend.