Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Find: Marryoke Wedding Video

Happy Superbowl weekend! I am husbandless for the next 4 days while Chris is in Indianapolis for the Superbowl. Not to be all "waahh we're attached at the hip" but it is strange to me to be by myself and have nothing but myself (and Zoey) to think about for 4 straight days. It's kind of liberating, but I still miss him very much and anxiously await his return on Monday night. Zoey is enjoying taking up half the bed though:
Yes, that is a "Transformers" pillow - my mom made it for chris
On to the Friday Find and sadly, it's not Superbowl related.  Have you heard the latest wedding craze of Marryoke? (pronounced like Karaoke)

Wikipedia describes it as:
Marryoke is the documentation and performance of a song which is traditionally produced at a wedding by a wedding videographer.
There is even a whole company dedicated to making JUST marryokes at!
Check out this sample (Kerry: It's to your favorite song!! teeheee!):

I've seen videos like this before, but I didn't realize that they had become such a craze and I also didn't realize they were called "marryokes" (though that's pretty clever and I'm mad at myself for not coming up with that!)

Would you consider doing a "Marryoke" video for your wedding? What are your thoughts on these videos?


Megan said...

I think the Transformers pillow is pretty bad ass, haha!

HiLLjO said...

Aww Zoe is so cute! Marryoke looks fun!

Miss776's World said...

That video was AWESOME!!

Heather said...

I also didn't realize this had become a huge craze! It's not my style but definitely super fun. Have a great weekend, Laura! I felt weird the first couple times my husband was away for an extended trip, but I've definitely gotten more used to it now. Having the kitties helps keep me company!

Karen said...

This cracks me up!! I also love how everyone is a bit looser at the reception and more into the dancing!! Haha. This would make me consider a videographer...but I'm not sure the Groom would participate until AFTER he'd had a few drinks!!

Sharon said...

I've never heard of this before! It's pretty cute. I love when the parents and grandparents get into it

Mom said...

Ok. So I'm 2 weeks late checking in on this one. Looks like fun for those involved in it. Nice keepsake for the couple.