Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Blogging Brides

Happy 2012 everyone!!! I hope your New Year's was amazing and you have started 2012 off to a great start! I for one, have lots of goals, resolutions, and lists and am ready to start of 2012 on the right foot! 2011 was obviously a great year for me, but I'm super excited for what 2012 has in store!

It's also that time again! Time to update the Blogging Brides list, and my 2012 list is even bigger than my 2011 list!! I look forward to following each of these ladies as they count down to their big day! Plus the few 2013 brides I have at the bottom.

If you are a 2012 Blogging Bride and want to be added to the list, please email me at info@lauraandchristopher.com. I'd love to follow you, too!


1/7/2012: Megan @ Butterfly Dreams and Things
1/28/12: Natalie @ Bells and Bows

3/10/12: Mandy and Justin
3/16/12: Natalie @ A Unique Soiree
3/24/12: Tiffany @ Bride-Onicles of a Soon to Be Bride 

4/14/12: Mel @ Adventures in Wedding Planning
4/21/12: Imperfect Obsession
4/21/12: "I do" on the Bayou
4/21/12: Elvi @ Life, Wedding, Nonsense
4/28/12: Hannah @ Hannah and Jon are Getting Married
4/28/12: Sharon @ Isn't This Thrilling?
4/29/12: Kristina @ Pretty Rambles

5/4/12: Teeny @ Sparkles and Cheaterpants
5/5/12: Karen @ The Adventure Begins
5/19/12: Mindy @ Budget Fairy Tale

6/?/12: Tina @ Life in the Fast Lane
6/6/12: The Kovacs Family
6/9/12: South Texas Wedding
6/9/12: Frances @ From Seattle, With Love
6/12: 2012 to Eternity
6/9/12: Petchie @ Petchie's Blog Book
6/2/12: Tracy @ B and T Wedding
6/16/12: Steph @ You're the Cheese to My Macaroni 
6/16/12: Christi @ Blingy Bride
6/30/12: Taylor @ Future Mrs. Beede

7/4/12: Cab @ Ribbons and Ruffles
7/7/12: Alissa @ The Electric City Bride
7/12: Kevin and Julie
7/14/12: Micah @ Roses are Blue


8/11/12: Sarah @ Just the Two of Us
8/18/12: Ms. Panda's Wedding Planning


9/1/12: Lilian Harlow

9/1/12: Kelly @ The Whimsical Wifey
9/1/12: Holly @ These are the Moments
9/2/12: Kaela @ Joyfulbee
9/2/12: Melissa @ Cook, Drink, Marry

9/8/12: Nikki @ The Bride to Be
9/8/12: Legends of a Hummingbird
9/8/12: K @ Down at Fraggle Rock
9/15/12: Building Life Through Love
9/15/12: Miss Tattoo @ Tattoos and Lace
9/15/12: Viki @ Hobbies and Everything In Between
9/22/12: Christine @ Kits' Wedding Cornah
9/29/12: Amanda @ Twoninenine and Ever After       
9/29/12: Shari @ The Blushing Bride

10/13/12: Sandy Toes Bride
10/12: Karen @ The Cupcake Bride 
10/27/12: Cameron Wedding 


11/12: Musings of a Modern Bride


12/7/12: My Autumn Dream
12/28/12: Eugene and Larren Tie the Knot


5/12/13: My Amazing Fabulous Wedding of my Dreams
8/3/13: Cat @ Laissez les bon temps rouler


Rorie said...

Yay it is so close it's making me so nervous!!!

Shana said...

ooo new wedding blogs! Now that we are old married ladies we can live vicariously through them he he :)

Happy 2012!

Miss776's World said...


Christi said...

Thanks so much for adding me!

Congrats to all the 2012 brides! It's finally our time ladies! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for this! Congratulations '12 brides to be!

just tututiny said...

wow - such a long list of blushing brides ;)

Hope you had a great New Year my dear.

Please check out my blog for a review of V Nunes Jewelry, thanks ;)

Nikki said...

Congrats to all the 2012 brides! And thanks for adding me :)

Recently Roached said...

Happy New year! :) That's a lot of weddings comin up! I guess we're a little partial to 2011, huh? Hooray for us newlyweds!

amanda&graham said...

So excited to see this list growing, especially all the fellow September brides and my date-twin Shari! :)

Mindy said...

Thank you so much for including Budget Fairy Tale! I can't wait to read through all of these blogs!

Mom said...

It's inpsiring to know that marriage is not passe`.

Melissa said...

Yay so exciting to see so many fabulous fellow brides who can say we are getting married THIS year!!!