Friday, May 21, 2010

1 Year and Counting!

I want you to look directly to the right and tell me what you see...what do you see??? This is what you see:
365 days left!!! One Year!! 8760 Hours!!  525,600 minutes
         (how do you measure...measure a year? Come on, I couldn't help it!)
My friend Ashley refers to this day as the "reverse-iversary". It's my Reverse-iversary!
One year from today I will be celebrating my marriage to Chris surrounded by friends and family!!
One year from today I will acquire a brother-in-law
One year from today Chris will acquire a sister-in-law
One year from today Chris will no longer be my fiance...but my husband.
One year from today I will move from the end of the alphabet to the beginning, as my initials change from LW to LD!

Or as Facebook has it:
Add this to the excitement that Mandy's wedding is 1 WEEK away, and we are both just a little bit overly excited at the present moment! I know we are at a good place with planning everything right now. I have learned so much in the past 10 months of being engaged. I have to say my favorite part of planning so far was the band search, which coincidentally was also the most stressful part so far. But I'm so happy with our choice of Arcadia and cannot wait to hear them play for us next year!

Let's review where we are:

Reception Hall: Check
Church for ceremony: Check
Wedding Dress: Check
Photographer: Check
Wedding Band: Check
Bridesmaid Dresses: Check

Next order of business:
Hotel Rooms Blocked with shuttle transportation for guests:
Post Ceremony Picture Location (I'm doing this because the church isn't that picturesque and I'm not overly in love with the garden at The Sandcastle, plus we have a little bit of time in between ceremony and reception.)

So, with our one year mark so close, Chris and I began investigation into the next order of business last weekend. First of all, last weekend was the Best!!! We didn't have any confirmed or pressing plans and just went with the flow for the weekend. It was soooo nice for once to not have to worry about rushing here or rushing there.

Friday Chris and I got home from work, relaxed in the hot-tub for an hour, and made fajitas for dinner around 9:30! Saturday I ran (totally busted my elbow and knee falling on some uneven sidewalk), got my hair cut, went grocery shopping and BBQ'd with some friends in the backyard that night. Then Sunday we went to the North Shore Animal League (JUST TO LOOK at some cute, adorable, precious puppies) and then we went to check out hotels and Old Westbury Gardens!!

We went to the Marriott Hotel in Uniondale. Nice hotel, crummy location and surrounding that was "eh" and then we looked at Garden City Hotel. BEAUTIFUL...but I'm not sure how I feel about the price they gave for the block of rooms. I'm going to look at a few more hotel options this weekend and see what I can find. So that's started..but not done. 

Then we went to check out Old Westbury Gardens!
Wow this place is neat!! It was such a pleasant surprise way to spend our Sunday afternoon. I figured we'd go there, quickly look around the gardens and be done. Two hours later, we were so hungry we had to leave, and we still felt like we hadn't seen even half the place!
There are 100 acres of land at this place, and each garden is more beautiful than the next. It was such a beautiful afternoon.

But enough about pretty flowers...

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Mom said...

One year from today I will acquire a son-in-law. If you're celebrating your reversery does that mean that for the next year Chris is my son-out-law?

The gardens look spectacular and it sounds like it was just the thing to rejuvinate your soul! Good spot for pics.