Friday, April 2, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy Easter and Happy Spring! It's warm, sunny and I couldn't feel better! (I'd say my SADD has finally lifted!) Tomorrow I start my first day of bridesmaid dress shopping!! I will be accompanied by my mom, Sister Melissa, Molly and possibly Mal.
(Stay tuned next week for a special "Meet My Bridal Party" Feature!)

I want to bring some pictures of dresses I like to the appointment and I'm really hoping they have a good selection. My wedding colors are cream, black and green. But, I just don't know what color green to go with...there are so many different hues and colors of green, it's amazing!!

I looked a while ago on, and found some nice colors and color combinations that I really liked. The greens that I liked were Shamrock, Clover and Evergreen, though I think I like shamrock the best. I like the idea of having a two color dress, either green with a hint of black or a hint of white, and I found a lot of options with colors in the After Six collection I found online, though I'm not sure how common these dresses are, or how expensive.
I sent a few pictures to my sister. This one was her favorite:

Here are some others I like:

this is the Clover color:

This is Evergreen color:
What do you think? Do you think the green and black combo is nice? Which dress is your favorite?
I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.



Jennifer said...

I think the green and black combo looks great! My personal favorite is the 3rd from the top. I think it's kind of cool that there's more than just a hint of black (makes it feel bolder and more dramatic) and the halter cut looks super cute. Good luck!

Irene said...

hi love it!