Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laurel and Kyle's Wedding

This past weekend we went to our friends Laurel and Kyle's wedding in Poughkeepsie, New York. The ceremony and reception were held at the Duchess County Country Club. (I didn't bring my really good camera with me and I had a lot of trouble getting good pictures during the ceremony and reception, so my pictures are a bit lacking in quantity and quality this time around, sorry!) This was the very first Scottish wedding we've been to, so all the men wore kilts and they entered to bagpipe music, which was awesome. Of course, the flower girls were so adorable:

Laurel looked gorgeous, I loved her dress and I loved her necklace which also hung down her neck and rested along the middle of her back, it was really pretty. Her purple calla lilly bouquet was also very striking.

The ceremony was really sweet. Laurel cried through her vows, which in turn made me cry. I teared up more than I did at my own ceremony!! Each guest received a tiny bell to ring at the end of the ceremony and as the bridal party walked out.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed cocktail hour. I was able to get this picture while I snagged Chris away from the pulled pork sandwich bar, where he promptly camped out for the entire hour...they were really good.

Then we headed into the reception where they shared their first dance. This is my favorite picture from the night (check out her necklace!) and how much does Kyle love her here?!
We had wild mushroom ravioli and spinach salad for appetizers. For our entree, I usually order fish at weddings, but this chicken stuffed with apples, brie, and walnuts sounded too good to pass up. I NEED to recreate this somehow.

Chris with the bride!

The cake was beautiful! I loved the color and the white decoration.

Our favors were little bags filled with a delicious chocolate chip cookie and little chocolates, which were amazing!
We had a great time celebrating Laurel and Kyle's marriage. Before heading back home the next day, we did the Walkway Over the Hudson - (I mean really, how many of you can say you've done the "#1 Tourist Attraction" in Poughkeespie, New York, eh?)

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HiLLjO said...

Looks like a fun time; those flower girls are too cute!

Frances said...

gorgeous wedding! my parents are from the Poughkeepsie area and I've never done the walkway over the hudson guess i'll have to put it on my list next time i'm visiting grandma! :)

Heather said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! The bride looks so pretty, and so do you! I love your dress.

Kristina said...

I love the Poughkeepsie country club. My agency runs their wine event there. Isn't it nice?

Mom said...

Love so much about this wedding-the flower girls were too cute for words, the necklace really makes a statement with it draped down the center of her back, the picture of the bride and groom dancing is deliciously romantic and then there are those kilts. So....is it true what they say about what's underneath a kilt? LOL!

elvi said...

Wow I never seen a cake like that very unique!! The food looks delicious! I have sooo many weddings this summer..can't wait until I can enjoy being a guest at other peoples weddings hahaha

Bride-onicles said...

Looks like a gorgeous wedding...I always love a man in a kilt!!