Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video Save-The-Dates

Chris and I celebrated our 6 month ENGAGE-aversary this past Saturday. Which means we have 16 months until the wedding. AHHHHHHHHH so much to do, so little time!! Ok.....just kidding, there is plenty of time. Chris and I celebrated with a romantic trip to Century 21 department store, followed by a trip to see the ever-classic romantic comedy "Avatar 3D", followed by a wonderful dinner at an expensive, romantic restaurant, at home consisting of Ellios Pizza (what a trip down memory lane that was) and closed out our night at a local bar....with friends. Haha so it wasn't that romantic of a day but really, it was just fine...even Perfect! :)

This isn't relevant to today's post at all, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I know you've all been wondering what my dress looks like. this time it's for real folks. This is it....

It's a CAKE!!!
This way...if I get hungry during the ceremony or reception...I can just eat my dress!!! Plus, I can save money by purchasing both a dress and wedding cake in one! I know..I know...I'm a genius.

Moving on, now for the real meat and potatoes. It's really funny that I've had a post about video save-the-dates in the works for over a week now and today on Good Morning America they showed a viral video of a couple from Australia's movie trailer save-the-date. This video has taken off like crazy. I actually saw a post about this video yesterday, but the video had been removed from Youtube and I couldn't view it. I was able to find and finally watch the whole thing on the Huffington Post today. Sorry, you'll have to scroll through the article and hit play on the video post:

Jeff and Erin's Epic Wedding Save-the-date

Video save-the-dates seem to be the growing trend in weddings these days. Most of them are just slideshows of pictures to a love song...boring. Please, I do not want to watch a 10 minute slideshow of pictures throughout your relationship. I love me some slideshows...but only if I made it or I'm in it.  Also, some of these videos are just too long in general, which you'll see in the last video I've posted. There actually are not a ton of save-the-date videos out on the web that I could find. I mean there are a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, there are really only a handful of these video save-the-dates. However, I have a feeling by this time next will basically be the norm. 

Really folks, if you're going to do this...they HAVE to be good. Please just keep them short, sweet and to the point. Here are some examples (sorry there are a LOT here) that I think are so cute and clever!

This one is so clever!! A+

This one was made for two actors. They took clips from actual things they filmed for either television or film and clipped it together to make this. Also, the pictures at the end of them getting married, were for a Nikon commercial they filmed together. So they got to use photos from that shoot for their save the date! It's not as good as the trailer in the Huffinton Post, but it's good: B+

I think this one is adoralbe! It's simple...kind of like a slideshow, but a video slideshow so it's more interesting. I also really like this song. A-

This one is interesting. Good idea, and some cool videography, but just executed all wrong and it's also waaaay too long, to the point where it just gets awkward. A Save-The-Date should NOT be long...I'd say no longer than 3 minutes, tops. This one is 6!! Don't watch it all..I beg of you! You can scroll through it to get the general idea. C

So that's my (not-so) Professional thoughts on Video Save-The-Dates. Now I have to go work on a script for mine! (Chris is going to looooove this) ;)

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