Chris and Laura lived on the same floor of their freshman year dorm at Wagner College, but didn't meet until the last two weeks of school! They hung out a little at the end of their freshman year and ended up talking pretty regularly on the phone that summer.  Once they got back to school for the start of Sophomore year, they eventually started dating. Laura distinctly remembers telling her roommate "Yea..we'll probably date for a few months, I mean it's not like I'm going to be with him forever or anything."  6 years later...here we are.



Chris and Laura left for the Bahamas on Thursday, July 23, 2009. Laura had been joking for a few weeks about the possibility of a proposal on this trip, but that idea was quickly dispelled from her mind when Chris firmly announced it "would not be happening" this week. On their first evening there, they were preparing to head out for dinner and a bit of gambling. Laura was in a bad mood for various reasons, mostly due to lack of sleep, but Chris kept insisting she be in a better mood. Finally, as Laura put the finishing touches on her makeup and was about ready to head out, Chris got very serious, reached into his pocket, got down on one knee, and proposed in the hotel room. Laura kept repeating over and over again "Are you for real?  Are you serious right now?" which has grown to become a running joke between them. But, when you date Christopher for 5 years, you learn to double-check when he's being "serious".

All in all the Bahamas trip was a trip of a lifetime for both of them. For 5 days, they lived in engagement bliss and then got to come home and announce it to all of their friends and extended family, really a perfect memory!

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